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Moving to Fort Lauderdale, in Florida may be the best decision of your life. Residents of Fort Lauderdale are one of the happiest people around the nation and there are plenty of reasons why. This article discusses the various aspects of this City that drives plenty of people from around the world towards Fort Lauderdale, and keeps the current residents from moving away.

The Fort Lauderdale Sunrise

You may be thinking what makes the Fort Lauderdale sunrise any different from sunrise elsewhere. After all, all the sunrises are the same. However, features that make sunrises extra special include the location, weather, and the aesthetics surrounding the specific time of the day.

It is of no surprise that people love this city for its 23 miles of beautiful shorelines, and white sandy beaches. But introspectively, it is not the beach, facilities, or infrastructure that appeals to the people. Instead, it is the moments, which a specific place creates at a specific time of the day.

These shared moments are what stays cemented in your memories forever. And so, the early morning sunrise at Fort Lauderdale Beach is unlike any sunrise that you may witness elsewhere. The early morning drive, or walk in the dark to the beach is a savoring moment that climaxes emphatically with a mesmerizing sunrise.

Going to the beach super early is an incredible positive and relaxing way to start your day in Fort Lauderdale. Another great thing about going at this time is that the beach is likely to be secluded. The chances of total isolation is still scarce, however, you will surely get to find a spot where you are miles away from the public.

It’s Centrally Located

Fort Lauderdale sits between Miami to the south, and Palm Beach to the North. The city puts you center to all activities regardless of your interests. Whether you like entertainment shows, sporting events, nature preserves, or anything fathomable and fun, you will only be a couple of miles drive away from your favorite activity.

To expand on this, if you are someone that loves concerts and live music, then Fort Lauderdale is at a close distance to the biggest venues in all of South Florida. Some of these venues involve the Coral Sky Amphitheatre, the BB and T centre in sunrise, along with the American Airlines Arena in Miami.

For gambling enthusiasts, Fort Lauderdale is less than 20 minutes from Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. This venue is not just a great place for gambling, but also hosts a number of great concerts and comedy shows. Here, you will find astoundingly affordable venue tickets to see top-notch and renowned performers, whether they are musicians or comedians.

Fort Lauderdale is also close to all major sports venues, so for sports fans, the place cannot get any better. Living here will provide you with plenty of opportunities to witness live sporting events alongside a highly energetic crowd.

Lastly, the location of Fort Lauderdale is also ideal for outdoorsy and nature loving individuals. The city touches almost all the best adventures of Florida within a couple miles radius. You have the Everglades, more than 10 other state parks, and islands that are easily accessible from Fort Lauderdale.

Food and Drinks

One meal that is easy to find in Fort Lauderdale is brunch. Since much of the recreation involves daytime adventures, the demand for brunch spots is alive and thriving in the city. To meet this demand, the city offers great options in terms of brunch.

One amazing option is Shooters Waterfront, which is only one of the many waterfront restaurants where you can eat a delicious meal while staring over the horizon. Another great thing about these waterfront restaurants is that you can access via boats or yacht.

Each of these locations has a boat docking area and entry through the waters. On the weekends, brunch timings extend to about 4pm in most restaurants, with cheap prices on drinks. Fort Lauderdale is a place that rejoices craft in drinks.

Here, you find an array of little bistros, cafes where you can sip on quality coffee, beer, or any drink that involves a precise production process. The thing that stands out amongst these places is that each will have their own unique, artistic design.

All over the city, you will find local beer joints that have friendly service, and delicious beers. Therefore, if you like to go around and explore small coffee places or bars that share an intrinsic feeling of the local community, then you will love Fort Lauderdale. Many residents and visitors here go to local coffee shops to work remotely, read a book, or just make a friend or two.