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The nation’s birthday is a special day. If you want to celebrate the coming birthday in memorable fashion, then prepare yourself for a star-spangled and spectacular celebration on Hollywood beach. Like many other venues across the nation, the sky above Hollywood Beach in Fort Lauderdale will be shining and sparkling with magnificent fireworks.

Apart from the magical display of fireworks at countdown, this event will be a host to plenty jaw-dropping festivities. The sponsors of this event include the City of Hollywood Department of Parks, Cultural Arts, and Recreation, along with the Beach District’s redevelopment agency.

What better way to enjoy the 4rth of July, then dancing on the soft sands of the beach, and breathing in the waves while looking up at the beautiful fireworks. It is everyone’s desire to spend this day in the best way they can, and this event has all the ingredients to make for spectacular celebration.

The Location

Hollywood beach may be one of the most iconic places in Florida. This place is a very famous vacation spot for people all around the world. It is also an incredible venue for families since it allows you to enjoy a safe and cozy time along the sublime coasts of Florida.

This event schedules at the Hollywood Beach Theatre, which is not far from the renowned broad-walk that everyone loves. You, therefore, get to experience the rich culture, friendly community, and the serene coastal view at this event.

In short, going to this event will allow you to experience Florida, and all of its essence.

The Schedule

The schedule of the event follows timely entertainment opportunities. Starting at five, the eventful things continue until 9 pm. Afterwards, the people are free to move about, embrace each other’s company and enjoy the fine cuisine of Hollywood Beach.

The breakdown of the schedule is as follows:

At 6-15 pm, the event will begin the official welcome of the people. The welcoming personalities on the podium will involve the very own mayor of Florida, along with the very famous NFL star Marquis Brown, A home grown Florida talent, that shares all the love for his hometown Florida, and the people love him back.

At 6-30, the long time Hollywood, Florida resident will receive the key to the city by the City Commissioners and the mayor in honor of his outstanding representation of Hollywood in the National Football League. This will be a monumental moment, not just for Marquis, “Hollywood” Brown, but also for all of Hollywood.

From 6-30 onwards, the people of the event are open to entertain themselves in plenty of ways. There will be live music, a DJ session, along with many other activities that constitute to an amazing night. The highlight of the event will begin at nine.

This is when you will get to feast your eyes on the ecstatic display of fireworks, while sipping on delicious cocktails. The offshore display of fireworks at Hollywood beach is known to bring forth plenty of eyes from around the state, and you surely do not want to be the unfortunate one that misses out.

Safety Precautions

You want to make sure that you stay away from hazards that can ruin your night, and so, the event has put forward certain safety information. These rules apply within the Hollywood Theatre, and inside the event’s premises.

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that Holly Beach does not welcome single-use plastic items, foam, or anything deadly to the ecosystem. Hence, you have to be careful of that. Secondly, alcoholic beverages are also prohibited in this event, so do not be surprised if the organizers confiscate your drink.

Other than that, the organizers and will also not tolerate barbeque grills and picnicking. To sum it up, just be wary of the rules, enjoy the event, and try to keep the space around you non-hazardous and clean.

In the attempt to keep it safe, the organizers have also put a ban on any type of sparklers, fireworks or large canopies.  Hence, the event is increasingly friendly for a family.

An Update

Be wary that it is critical nesting season for the conserved species of sea turtles in Florida. If you are lucky, you may get to witness the halt in the event and the nesting activities of the turtles. Remember disturbing a sea turtle nest upon encounter is punishable by law, and you will face a penalty.