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This coming 4th of July in Fort Lauderdale beach promises an eventful celebration. One of the highlights of this event involves a Beach Boys Performance. The band has been set in stone for representing some of the most iconic American songs. Their music resonates deeply with the American people, and this is why they make perfect candidates for a 4TH of July celebration.

The great thing about this event is that it is free of cost, and so, you can expect fans from all over the country to head towards Fort Lauderdale beach to catch a glimpse of their favorite band live on stage. Before the band takes center stage, the event will host plenty of other exciting and family friendly activities that start early from noon.

More about the Beach Boys

With their first hit song, “Surfin” the band became synonymous with the Californian beach culture. Much like the name of their band, they theme many of their songs towards the coastal lifestyle, which is also evident in their album covers.

Hence, the Fort Lauderdale beach makes an ideal venue to host a Beach Boys concert. Despite the classic sounds of their music, the band is not just appealing to the older crowd, but also to many youths around the world as well.

Many of their songs are still favorites to youths. Some of their most hit songs involve, “good vibrations”  “kokomo”, “Wouldn’t it be nice”, “fun fun fun”, “I get around” “Help me Rhonda” ,”Barbara Ann” and more.

They are a band that has achieved the height of world recognition, along with platinum and gold record awards. They will forever remain in the Rock and Roll hall of fame, and to see them perform at this event will be a historical and surreal opportunity for all attendees.

The surprising thing about this band is that despite their decades of historical success, they still do not stop touring even to this day. Their activity and energy at this age is commendable and greatly admirable.

Led by Mike Love, the lead singer and chief lyricist, the band’s legacy continues to march forward towards the oncoming years. This 4th of July at Fort Lauderdale, you will get to witness their brilliance and performance prowess live, at no cost to you.

More about the Event Schedule and Festivities

This event’s schedule covers the entirety of the day. Starting from 1 pm at noon and ending at 9pm in the night, you can plan the day according to your convenience.  At one in the afternoon, the event is set to initiate with a patriotic concert.

Following that will be a host of different activities for families and visitors. You can enjoy some of the live tunes of the DJ, and if you have kids, then they can spend the rest of the noon doing arts and crafts, water sliding, face painting, and a wide range of different games and contest.

Until the clock hits seven, the visitors of this event are free to mingle around and enjoy the music by the big city boys and Miami Sound Bytes. Why seven? Well, this is when the highlight of the event starts and the beach boys take the stage.

After two hours of sweet sounding Beach Boys, the event will mark its ending at nine by displaying amazing fireworks show. The contests and games do not only cater to children, but also adults. Competitions like the eating contest are one that most will fancy watching, along with other games that can win you amazing prizes.

Traffic Advise

Since the event is free for all, 4th of July celebration, you should expect plenty of traffic congestion and overcrowding. The best advice would be to make it there by foot, considering that you live at a walking distance from the venue.

For residents of Las Olas Boulevard, the best thing to do will be to use the Sunrise Boulevard access point so that you can avoid the traffic. Another advice would be to avoid your personal vehicular transport, especially if you are a single person attending.

Groups of friends can benefit greatly from carpooling in one car, and the better option would be to use services such as Uber, Lyft or Taxi


The main sponsor of this event is 101.5 FM and the parks and recreation authority of Fort Lauderdale. Ultimately, coming together for this event will enrich you with the patriotic spirit, and provide you a chance Ito immerse in the wonderful culture, cuisine, and entertainment of the Fort Lauderdale city.

Photo: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Do512