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Fort Lauderdale, FL is famous for its pristine beaches and serene water bodies. Nevertheless, many people fail to realize that it is more than just gold coasts and seashores. It is rightfully one of the nations most diverse and renowned tourist destinations. An extensive network of canals surrounds this city, making it an exuberant spot for yacht cruises and different water sports of the world.

The city has experienced incredible evolution from a spring break vacation spot, to a family-friendly relaxation retreat all year round. This south Florida city is home to the third largest cruise ports in the, along with plenty of amazing resorts, waterfront conventions and hotels.

One of the most adored and savored pleasures of Fort Lauderdale include walking alongside seven miles of the golden shoreline. Whether you are driving, biking, or walking along the strip, you will get to experience the amazing community and multicultural essence of the people.

From nature preserves, fine dining restaurants, to the more quaint areas surrounding the sea, you can find places here that cater to a multitude of interests and hobbies. It is no surprise that people call Florida the sunshine state, and here in Fort Lauderdale, you get to experience rejuvenating moments under the sun, whether you are sun bathing at white sandy beaches, or sipping cocktails under the sublime view of the sunset.

Top Neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale encompasses within it, an array of amazing neighborhoods, such as Victoria Park, Colee Hammock, and Tarpon River.

Victoria Park

Have you ever wanted to experience the suburban pleasures of life without having to drive long distances from the city? If yes, then Victoria Park may be the ideal neighborhood for you. This neighborhood sits supremely on top of the ancient coral ridge. Just driving around here makes you feel as though you are transcending back in time.

This is mostly because the homes in this neighborhood go back about a hundred years or so, making it one of the oldest neighborhoods of the nation. The residential layout of this neighborhood is ecstatically diverse with a whole range of different living arrangements and housing designs.

Hence, the Neighborhood truly renders the personality, history, and diversity of Fort Lauderdale. Situated just a few miles north of downtown fort Lauderdale, most people recognize Victoria park neighborhood because of its park. Holiday Park covers 94 acres of all the different sport fields and activity centers that you can think of.

If you someone with a healthy, and active lifestyle, then Victoria Park is the neighborhood for you.

Colee Hammock

Another one of Florida’s neighborhood includes Colee Hammock. Much like Victoria Park, and other Fort Lauderdale neighborhoods, this neighborhood also displays an old world charm under the modern framework of a community.

The people love to run, walk, bike and move about without any concerns for their safety in a neighborhood. You can also find amazing places to go and relax under a nice shaded tree. Much of the land in Colee Hammock covers extensive yards of grasslands and nature preserves.

The streets of Colee Hammock portray the perfect example of how you can ecologically mix nature with concrete without having to disturb the ecosystem. Giant Oak trees align together at every street, and make for an amazing nested shade over the lanes.

Tarpon River

Tarpon River, in Broward County is undoubtedly one of the more leisurely places to live in Florida. It offers visitors and residents with an urban feel, and has plenty of modern restaurants, bars and coffee shop.  The weather here is pretty hot all year round, however, since the neighborhood is so close to the river, you can find plenty of options to beat the heat.

Since this neighborhood is a clear host to the Tarpon River, half of the businesses and activities in this region have to do with fishing, boating, and water sports. Furthermore, the river is home to an abundance of fresh water fishes, which is why you can find a wide selection of seafood cuisine in this neighborhood.

Parks such as Lewis Landing Park allows for recreational activities and relaxation opportunities for both, families and individuals. Many properties in Tarpon River include a waterfront homes and look out to the serenity of the river.

It is also close to the performance arts center that hosts plenty of iconic events, such as theaters, concerts, comedy shows and other memorable and exciting occasions. The tarpon river is more than just a waterfront neighborhood, and definitely a neighborhood that is destined to improve your quality of life.

Photo: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Jeff Self