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Have you ever wanted to experience the suburban pleasures of life without having to drive long distances from the city? If yes, then Victoria Park may be the ideal neighborhood for you. This neighborhood sits supremely on top of the ancient coral ridge. Just driving around here makes you feel as though you are transcending back in time.

This is mostly because the homes in this neighborhood go back about a hundred years or so, making it one of the oldest neighborhoods of the nation. The residential layout of this neighborhood is ecstatically diverse with a whole range of different living arrangements and housing designs.

Hence, the Neighborhood truly renders the personality, history, and diversity of Fort Lauderdale. Situated just a few miles north of downtown fort Lauderdale, most people recognize Victoria park neighborhood because of its park. Holiday Park covers 94 acres of all the different sport fields and activity centers that you can think of.

If you someone with a healthy, and active lifestyle, then Victoria Park is the neighborhood for you.


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